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“Stratton Counseling Services helped my family get through a very difficult time. My marriage was on the rocks: infidelity, codependency, chemical addiction, and poor communications skills were tearing us apart. Our counselor was able to stabilize what seemed like an impossible crisis. Because of the counselor’s patience, professionalism, insight, and wisdom I have seen my marriage heal and our relationship grow deeper in ways I could have never imagined. Thanks to Stratton Counseling Services our marriage is strong and our children have been spared the pain of long-term conflict in the home.”

– Husband, father of teenagers


“My daughter was in a very bad place – lost and adrift; and my husband and I were worried but whatever we tried seemed to only make her angry or withdraw further. A friend of mine told me about the counseling services at Stratton and they were able to treat her depression and anxiety. In a few short months our relationship with her improved, she was doing better in school, and she even enrolled in college. I am forever grateful….”

– Mother of a 17-year-old girl


“Our son got in trouble while away at school –he was on a destructive path that threatened his life. Not only that, but he faced charges that would haunt him for the rest of his life. I was desperate… I heard about Stratton Counseling Services and met with a counselor. After that first session, though I was still scared, there was now a glimmer of hope. My son wanted nothing to do with it, but he agreed to meet with the counselor once – and they hit it off immediately. By the time the court date came, my son’s life had been transformed and the judge honored the work done with the counselor. He was still punished, but since he complied with everything, he was able to have the charges expunged. My son is still thriving, and my husband regularly tells people that Stratton Counseling Services helped save our son’s life.”

– Mother of a recovering alcoholic

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