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What to Expect

Getting Started

Your first call to Stratton Counseling Services:

When you call Stratton Counseling Services to schedule an appointment, you will be asked to provide initial information over the phone to help us evaluate whether or not our services are appropriate for you. We will then schedule an initial 90 minute assessment session with a clinician.

Your First Session:

During the first 30 minutes of your appointment, you will be asked to

Complete a basic informational questionnaire.

Review and sign a “Consent for Counseling Services” describing important office policies (handling  emergencies, protection and use of confidential information, and limits to confidentiality)

Review and sign a “HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices” which informs how your information can be used.

In the initial session your therapist will get to know you, address any questions you have, and review assessment and psychotherapy procedures and expectations. A part of this initial discussion will be about client confidentiality and the legal limits to protected confidential information.

In order to save time in your first appointment, you may download, review, and complete these important materials and bring them to your first session.

1. Financial Agreement (Intern Counselor) (Licensed Counselor)
2. Consent Form for Counseling Services
3. HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices
4. Client Questionnaire (This gives us important information about you,  and why you are coming for help)

After the First Session:

Your therapist will likely meet with you as many as three or four times and will then summarize the issues that have been discussed and present possible treatment options for you. We want to develop a collaborative relationship with you, working together to decide treatment goals. Unfortunately, SCS will not be the most appropriate treatment option for everyone. We make recommendations and referrals based on the client’s best interests and our best professional judgment.

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